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As mentioned on the front page, it can be fairly difficult to select the DJ for your event (or any other vendor, for that matter). Your choice of music vendor especially can make or break your occasion. Everyone at the event will remember the DJ, so it is vital that he or she is remembered for providing an exceptional preformance, both with music selection/timing and other duties.

It is important to meet or talk to several DJ's before making your decision, and to choose the one with whom you are the most comfortable. The DJ you finally pick should be the one whom you feel will provide the best service for your particular needs, and therefore understands your needs the best. You should be able to arrive stress free and have the time of your life on your wedding day, or to any event that requires a music vendor's services. You shouldn't have to worry about things like when to cut the cake, when the bouquet should be tossed, or corralling the men onto the dance floor for the garter toss. When you are in the hands of an experienced, professional DJ, as well as other skilled event staff, those are the kinds of responsibilities you just won't have to worry about.

A good DJ will invest at least 15 to 20 hours before your event, customizing your music selections and preparing your event timeline. He or she will treat your special day as if it were his or her own, and provide the exceptionally high customer service level that you expect and deserve from a skilled, trained professional.

Each of the DJs listed on this site have years of experience and the successful coordination of many special events under their belts. You can feel confident working with each and every one, knowing that you will have the skill, talent, expertise, and dedication of a true master of the craft, dedicated to making your day the best it can possibly be.

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